How to Cut Childbirth Time, Pain and Complications in Half

baby-girl-shoes-on-bellyThat headline isn’t an exaggeration. There is one safe and easy thing all expectant mothers can start doing right away that has been shown to cut labor time in half, reduce pain and complications and prevent stretch marks. Mother’s recovery times also improve dramatically.

From Dr. William Saccoman, University of California at San Diego:  “The ordeal of labour in the case of vitamin C pregnancies is definitely shorter and less painful. With women having first babies, the average time in labour is approximately five to six hours, compared to non-vitamin C deliveries of around 15 to 16 hours.The megadoses cut the time to less than half. The birth canal of the vitamin C mother is more elastic. We find therefore a markedly reduced incidence of laceration and tearing during the delivery. The incidence of striae – the stretch marks – is markedly reduced, too. We also find the mother returns to normal much more rapidly. That means less time in the hospital.

In fact, doctors have been using megadoses of vitamin C for over 50 years with their pregnant patients, starting with the work of Dr. Frederick Klenner, from the 1940s to the 1970s.

In that time, Klenner cared for over 300 pregnancies with high-doses of vitamin C and not one case had a miscarriage. In fact, the nurses at the hospital would call the babies born under his care, the “vitamin C babies” as they were so much healthier, happier and easier to care for than the average.

According to Dr. Klenner, “Failure to use this modality in all pregnancies borders on malpractice.”

To learn even more about what high doses of vitamin C can do for you, your pregnancy, childbirth and your baby, check out this excellent article on!  (Note: This site is no longer active, but I’ve linked to the article through the wayback machine)


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