How to be Bulletproof

Why Bulletproof? What do you mean?
I mean being the best YOU possible. Think faster, remember more, lose weight and get your energy back. That’s typical on the Bulletproof Diet.
Bulletproof Life
– Do you get frequent brain fog?
– Are you always dead tired in the early afternoon?
– Trouble finding words?
– Have some weight to lose, but feeling hungry all the time just isn’t an option?
– Feeling old and looking older?
– Want to feel AWESOME each and every day?


Most diets fail YOU for a reason…
Face it. You are a human being, so starving on purpose, or eating sticks and tasteless cardboard-like “food” is incompatible with your survival instinct. Being hungry all the time is no fun and having low energy, brain-fog and constant cravings can make anyone cranky and frustrated. A recipe for failure.

But it is the DIET that failed. Not YOU!

Sure, maybe you lose some weight… but you’ll probably find you gain it back, and with a few more pounds to boot! Perhaps these diets aren’t addressing the issues that are CAUSING the gain?

Maybe one-size-fits-all, calorie-counting diets are the problem. You are an intricate, integrated human being, after all. Aren’t you?

For this reason, former Silicon Valley tech VP and entrepreneur, Dave Asprey, developed The Bulletproof Diet after spending over $300k of his own money to hack his declining health and ailing brain function to lose 100 pounds and gain 20 IQ points. Working with many of the best minds in the field of health and life-extension science, Dave created an easy to follow diet (rather, a “food-lifestyle”) specifically intended to maximize your human potential.

The Bulletproof Diet is formulated for optimal human health and performance

Eat more butter… Drink coffee… Salt liberally… Lose weight?

It is a healthy and satisfying “way of life”, formulated for gaining optimal human performance, both physically and mentally. You lose weight, gain energy, health and vitality, build resilience and power-on your mental focus… All without going hungry and suffering due to cravings.The more you follow the diet, the better you will look and feel.

There is no such thing as failure or cheating with The Bulletproof Diet. You are not a bad person if you succumb to that bagel. It is a spectrum of healthy choices rather than a ball and chain of black and white dogma…

It is powerful food for powerful results… Like “Paleo” on smart drugs.

The primary way the Bulletproof diet works is to separate foods into a spectrum from GREEN to YELLOW to RED.

GREEN =  Least toxic / Anti-inflammatory / Most nutrient-dense…
YELLOW =  “Suspect” foods that may effect some people negatively
RED =  “Kryptonite” foods. Just stay as far away from these as possible
(To check out what’s in the diet, click here )

Actually, the first thing you may notice on The Bulletproof Diet is that brain-fog and cravings for junk go away after just a couple days and your energy levels and mood improve dramatically. 

You can get your hands on Dave Asprey’s book, “The Bulletproof Diet” HERE

Let Antony Reed guide you through The Bulletproof Diet
Coach Antony Reed has changed the lives of clients around the world on 5 continents and counting. With his background in both the IT and client service fields, he takes listening to his clients needs, wants and fears seriously, incorporating all he has learned from you, then works to formulate the best course of action with you to meet your goals.

Besides his experience on The Bulletproof Diet, Antony has been trained in Orthomolecular nutrition under Dr. Andrew Saul PhD (The Mega-Vitamin Man). He is also a blogger, bio-hacker and a frequent contributer to the Bulletproof Forum at

“I personally follow the diet and also incorporate targeted supplementation and have so for quite some time. It has helped me get my life back after being very unhealthy and finding I had heart issues just after my son was born. I couldn’t walk up a single flight of stairs without needing rest and It has changed my life 100%. I have more energy and vitality then ever and my health has reversed its course and is back to excellent! My focus and drive have improved as well. Life just keeps getting better every day!”

Here is what your coaching experience will look like…
During the first day or two, Antony will listen to your goals, hopes and past dieting experience, ask targeted questions to get a good handle on where you are at, and find out just where you want to be to determine how best to get you started. Expect daily contact with Antony to make sure all is going well and on-track with you.

Depending on what your goals are and your current diet, he may recommend targeted supplements to support your body and mind to get you to your goals more effectively

After about a week, it is time to take a step back and see how the initial plan is going for you. Making adjustments where needed and recommendations for you to consider.

After around 30-days, it is a good time to evaluate where you are with your goals and find out if you want to then reach out to even further goals, or deep-dive into full-on Bulletproof!

Act NOW to get your first week of coaching FREE directly from Antony by clicking HERE and using the promo code:  ANTONYREEDWEEK

Client space IS limited so act NOW! Get your life back and feel AMAZING again!

Here are some kind words from some of Antony’s past clients

“This guy knows what he is talking about through living the Bulletproof Diet. If you want to go on this diet and you aren’t sure which coach to take, take Antony. This guy is competent, dedicated and open. ”  Martin

“I wanted help dealing with persistent brain fog. Antony has individualized a supplement regime for me alongside the Bulletproof Diet and I can already feel myself getting back to awesome on Day 4! He is very encouraging and is passionate about getting results for his clients.”  Mieke

“Antony has been a great sounding board for health, diet and lifestyle concerns. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Bulletproof diet, vitamin regimen, and product offerings. He is a confidante and a great resource. Highly recommend.”  Jon


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