About Us

Who Are we and what in the heck IS “Brain Spanking”?

BrainSpankingNews.com is your answer to bad or mistaken information, which is everywhere. Everyday, millions, perhaps billions of people are going about their lives, oblivious to the vast garbage-pile of bad information they accept and rely upon daily to make decisions for themselves and their families. Everything from health warnings to financial news to scientific and political BS is manipulated, packaged, candied and fed to those who don’t stop and ask questions.

A “Brain Spanking” is the equivalent of getting smacked with a dose of reality to counteract bad information. We all pick up bad info now and again, but accurate knowledge is just as important to the health of your mind as good nutrition and exercise lead to a healthy body. Sometimes we all could use a good Brain Spanking. Don’t you think?

“Not me!” you might say… “My highly evolved mind is impenetrable to false ideas and misgivings!”

Then we ask you, have you ever accepted or even repeated any of the following ideas?

  • Human beings only use 10% of their brain…   FALSE.
    This is wholly untrue and more and more people are finally acknowledging this. This is the poster-child for false information that became “true” by being accepted without checking and repeated in public and private over the years.
  • Root canaled teeth are safe and sterile...   FALSE.
    These become dangerous bacteria factories and are probably the most major cause of heart disease and a myriad of other infections and chronic diseases throughout the body.
  • You shouldn’t eat apple seeds because they contain cyanide and you will die…   FALSE.
    The seeds contain amygdalin, also known as Laetrile or Vitamin B-17, a nutrient many believe to be necessary for our bodies to fight off cancer. While amygdalin has a locked molecule of cyanide within, it is inactive and less dangerous to your body than sugar.
  • The first President of the United States of America was George Washington…   FALSE.
    Washington was the first President under the Constitution. But after the Declaration of Independence was signed, the government was administered under the Articles of Confederation, and the first “President of the United States under Congress Assembled” was Samuel Huntington, in 1781.

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